The First Flying Seminar on Global Supply Chain Management was held in Thailand

From 13th to 19th November a group of Bachelor and Master students from the Universities of Applied Sciences in Merseburg and Ingolstadt travelled together with Professor Dirk Sackmann and Professor Andreas Jattke to participate in the First Flying Seminar on Global Supply Chain Management in Thailand.

Short lectureship on Transport Economics at Dalian Maritime University

Assistant Prof. Dr. Irina Dovbischuk went to Dalian, China to teach at the Transportation and Management College of the Dalian Maritime University (DMU). As a guest lecturer, she will present the topic of “Transport Economics”.

Third Travelling Conference takes place in February 2017


After the successful travelling conferences on "Reliable Hinterland and Efficient Seaports" in 2014 and "Sustainable Regional Development in Urban Logistics Regions" in 2015, the Asian-German Knowledge Network for Transport and Logistics e.V. in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on The Phillipines is organizing the third travelling conference in 2017 with stop-over events in Zhengzhou (China), Manila (Philippines) and Busan (South Korea).  This time, the TC is devoted to the topic “Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation in Line with Urban Mobility and its Interconnection with Transportation Networks” or short: TRANSEF. 

First AGKN Flying Seminar to Thailand

In cooperation with the Naresuan University in Phitsanulok, Thailand three German universities orginise a flying seminar in November 2016. Together with lectures and students from South China German and Thai students will discuss global supply chain management. Interested students should contact Ms. Dovbischuk.

Flying seminar agenda (Draft of 23/May/2016)

Mutual student exchange with the Dalian Maritime University in China

In September 2016 four students of the University of Bremen will go to Dalian to study one semester in the major of Logistics Engineering and Management. The student exchange is enabled by the Chair in Maritime Business and Logistics of the University of Bremen and the Transportation and Management College at the Dalian Maritime University (DMU). 

FUSION mobility scholarship

The EU (ERASMUS MUNDUS) project „FUSION“ aims to foster partnerships of emerging Asian countries with European countries to reinforce existing collaborations.

Symposium on Sino-Euro Logistics Network and its Evolution under the Background of Maritime Silk Road in Dalian, March 2016

Motivated by the 30 year anniversary of sister-cities Bremen and Dalian the orginizers - the Dalian Maritime University and the Chair in Maritime Business and Logistics at the University of Bremen invite academia and business represenatives to join the event in March 2016!

The symposium will be devoted to the sustainable logistics concepts along the Maritime Silk Road since the construction of Maritime Silk Road and green logistics corridor not only plays an important role for the development of transportation and logistics, but also will have far-reaching influence for the world economy and social development.

International conference in April 2016: The economy of Vietnam in the Integration Period

The Vietnamese member of AGKN e.V. invites all interested scientists to submit papers to be presented during the international conference on The Economy of Vietnam in the Integration Perion in April 2016 in Hue, Vietnam. International integration brings not only opportunities for bilateral and multilateral cooperations among countries, organizations and businesses but also big challenges of competition in most sectors and industries. Since Vietnam’s deeper integration into the global and regional economy by participating in bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, in ASEAN economic community, opportunities and challenges that have been posed to the state authorities and enterprises need to be addressed.

New member of AGKN in Indonesia is interested to intensify the collaboration with Bremen

During the second traveling conference the representatives of the International Graduate School and the Chair in Maritime Business and Logistics at the University of Bremen (Germany) intensified the discussion on cooperation in education and research with the Udayana University (UNUD), whose head of Transport Laboratory, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nyoman Budiartha participated at the second traveling conference stop over in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) on 18th of November, 2015.

The Zhongyuan University of Technology became a member of AGKN e.V.

A delegation of the Zhongyuan University of Technology (ZUT), PR China, came for a two-day visit to the University of Bremen to have a range of meetings with different workings groups. It is the first ZUT delegation to Bremen after the visit of Prof. Dr.

A study tour on “Efficient Hinterland Logistics” successfully fulfilled

The Saigon Newport Corporation, a member of AGKN, sent the second delegation of twelve employees for a study tour in Bremen from altogether two departments - Marketing and Human Resources, and five subsidiary companies. They are Tan Cang-STC, SNP Logistics, Tan Cang Warehousing Co., Tan Cang Logistics, ICD Tan Cang in Song Than and Long Binh.

Second Traveling Conference "Sustainable Regional Development in Urban Logistics Regions" in November 2015

After the successful first traveling conference on "Reliable Hinterland and Efficient Seaports" in 2014, the Asian-German Knowledge Network for Transport and Logistics e.V. is in charge to be an umbrella plattform of the second traveling conference in 2015 devoted to the topic of Sustainable Regional Development in Urban Logistics Regions.

  Hanoi (16.11) – Manila (cancelled) – Yogyakarta (20.11)

Working visit to the partner city of Bremen - Dalian, PR China

After a range of meetings in Xi'an Professor Hans-Dietrich Haasis and Professor Irina Dovbischuk visited the AGKN member - the Dalian Maritime University to discuss a joint application in the framework of the International Study and Training Partnership (ISAP) program of the German Academic Exchange Service.

Cooperation talks with Chang'an University in Xi'an

In September 2015 Prof. Dr. Hans-Dietrich Haasis and Prof. Dr. Irina Dovbischuk visited the Chang’an University to continue the discussion on future joint steps for collaboration in the field of education and research with the management team of the School of Economics and Management, and the Department of Logistics Management. The visit was initiated by German side after Dr. Jiani Wu, a former PhD student, supervised at the International Graduate School by Professor Haasis returned back home and was engaged as a lecturer at the Chang'an University.

Euro-Asia Economic Forum 2015 in Xi‘an, China


In September 2015 Prof. Dr. Irina Dovbischuk, managing director of AGKN and Prof. Dr. Hans-Dietrich Haasis, chairman, take part at the Euro-Asia Economic Forum 2015 in Xi’an. The highly international forum is sponsored by the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the United Nation Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), and the China Development Bank.

Symposium iCity and Intelligent Logistics on 21/22 September 2015 in Bremen

On 21st and 22nd September 2015 a symposium on „iCity and Intelligent Logistics“ will take place in the House of Science in Bremen. The symposium is the fourth symposium of a range of events on the topic of “Intelligent City” which are alternately organized in China and Germany by acatech – National academy of science and engineering and CAE – Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Call for Papers "Dynamics in Logistics: Digital Technologies and Related Management Models"

Call for Papers "Dynamics in Logistics: Digital Technologies and Related Management Models"

Submission Deadline: October 31, 2015

Logistic networks are increasingly confronted with dynamical changes in both topology and demand. These issues may be subject to sudden, unexpected, and frequent but irregular large-scale changes of important parameters, event propagation, and non-equilibrium states.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Sackmann as a guest at the Jiangsu University of Technology, China

On the initiative of the strategic partnership between the Jiangsu University of Technology and the University of Applied Sciences Merseburg, Prof. Dr. Dirk Sackmann visited the department of Economics and Management at the university in Changzhou. He gave a lecture on Operations Management and introduced AGKN to the members of the School of Economics & Management. They further discussed starting points for joint research projects and the establishment of a joint master course on “Operations and Supply Chain Management”.

Successful training on Efficient Maritime Logistics for Saigon Newport Corporation

Against the background of the goals of AGKN e.V. in research and training, 13 selected employees of Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam came to Bremen to participate at four-days training devoted to the topic of Efficient Maritime Logistics.

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